Enjoy To Sailing San Blas Islands Cartagena / Colombia

San Blas Island or Kuna Yala is the paradise because there are white sand, clear crystalline water.
I am Kuna Indian if you can more information about sailboat to Colombia (Cartagena) please send me letter, please


Hello dear travelers : If you want travel to go sailing and know the paradise islands of the comarca of san blas (kuna yala) towars colombia /cartagena. The trip generally takes 4-5 days including 2- 3 in the islands o san blas /kuna yala. Most of captains charge beween $ 385.00 - 400.00 which includes food , drink, immigration, depending of the size of the boat other service


Remember also, thats this is a sail boat, and its in the ocean. Somentime it's going to be hard , and it's possible to get sea sick. Can be dangerous sometimes. and other times no. it depends on when you go however if your an adventure fanatic and love adrenaline, you'll have a great time .But if you're not in to adventure we ask that you not do this trip
Please remember, these aren't our trips. we just help with the captains to organize the trip.And remember, San Blas / Kuna Yala is an Island paradise , that you will never forget , and unique experience you' ll remenber forever.

If you want more information please contact at me:

E mail: sanblasadventures@yahoo.com

Phone: (507) 67343454  Germain ( Kuna Guide) San Blas Islands







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